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Problems we solve


Failed or challenged projects

Focus your attention on projects and activities that are in need of attention. Identify and react to project(s) deviating from planned schedule, cost, functionality.


Lack of visibility

Each activity is continuously monitored for best practice usage, project management compliance, quality assurance, and risks identification.


Lack of best practice awareness and enforcement

All projects are held to the same evaluation schedule and criteria. Leverage pre-defined checklists, processes, best practice, risk questions.


Poor communication

Encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing with a file repository accessible to anyone looking for guidance.


Lack of skilled project managers

Develop your workforce with free webinars, journals, and newsletters. And duplicate the results of past successful projects.


Projects over budget

Predict project risks months in advance and bring non-compliant projects in line with compliance practices.

There is nothing out there like this. It was obviously developed by someone who understands how a PMO works.

Capers Jones - Chief Scientist Emeritus Software Productivity Research

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